Handbook on Banking Awareness; Handbook on Computer Awareness; Handbook on Marketing Awareness, Handbook on General Awareness with Cracking The job Interview FREE (A set of 5 books)

The COMBO set of 5 Books includes the following 4 titles on Awareness series - Banking, Computer, Marketing & General...

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The COMBO set of 5 Books includes the following 4 titles on Awareness series - Banking, Computer, Marketing & General Awareness papers for Banking sector Exams. -P.O. and Clerks and helps the candidates in other competitive exams.

(1) Handbook on Banking Awareness 

Handbook on Banking Awareness is an excellent guide and reference book for students preparing for banking exams and other competitive exams. This book introduces readers to various concepts and terms of the banking sector and at the same time, enables students to have sufficient practice for the examination. Aspirants interested in the banking sector have to succeed in exams conducted by the IBPS or individual banks. These exams expect students to possess a good knowledge of the banking sector. Hence, this book comes in handy. This book is written by NK Gupta who is known for his research and expertise on this subject. Plus the simple narration and easy language are added features of this book.

This book extensively covers all the topics and aspects of the banking sector and also contains explanations of various procedures related to banking. Topics like Financial & Banking Sector Reforms, Developmental Institutions, NBFC and Insurance Sectors are discussed in detail along with thorough explanations. To help students practice for the examination, this book contains ample number of objective questions. Plus, a set of 15 papers of Multiple Choice Questions are given and this paper set is designed according to the format of IBPS exams and other banking exams.

(2)  Handbook on Computer Awareness

Computer and modern electronic banking are the order of the day and these are aggressively been embraced by the 

Banking sector in India to meet the challenges of modern day banking. Core Banking Solution (CBS), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Advanced Risk Management Solutions, explosive growth in ATMs across the country, to name a few, have transformed the Banking sector and have pleasantly enhanced the experience of the customers..

The syllabus of IBPS and SBI Bank P.O. and Clerks examination has been changing in the recent times. The candidates may observe that the knowledge of Computer Awareness is significant, with 50 objective questions carrying 50 marks out a total of 225 marks, thereby comprising about 22.22% weightage. Every additional correct answer to the questions matters a lot in such highly competitive exams. where over 50 lakhs students participates. 

You can be less serious about the subject, only to your peril and risk of not getting adequate ranking in the CWE Score Card and miss call for personal Interviews, from the Banks..

The Book is immensely useful for Recruitment Exams. conducted by SSC, LICAAO, Railways also, and entrance tests for MCA, MBA, BBA and similar courses.

(3) Handbook on Marketing Awareness

The syllabus of IBPS and SBI Bank P.O. and Clerks examination has been changing in the recent times and the recent trends indicate increasing focus on knowledge and awareness about marketing of financial products, especially looking to the fierce competition in the Banking sector amongst Indian, Private and Foreign sector Banks in India.

The employers now expect the aspiring candidates to possess the basic knowledge of marketing concepts and skill-sets so as they can face the challenges posed by Modern Private and Foreign sector Banks as well as to contribute effectively to the all-round growth of the organization.This Book is compiled by a Senior Banker and it conforms to the latest trends and Exams. pattern.

The aspiring candidates would find the book very useful in their preparation not only for the written competitive examinations but also for Personal Interviews in Banking and Financial sector companies in India. 

(4) Handbook on General Awareness

Samanya Gyan Darpan  - (Hindi edition of Handbook on General Awareness) is one of those books which increase a learner’s interest by many folds to learn more about general awareness and knowledge, as it is a subject which has no decided syllabus or limit. This book is a brilliant guide for those who aspire to excel in various competitive exams. The book also guides on how preparation time can be saved to ensure speedier learning. It includes abut twenty sets of Frequently Asked Questions and Multiple Choice Questions. The book has an extensive coverage of Indian and world History, Science, Politics, Geography, Sports, Awards and other such topics. The book is essential to a general reader, apart from students, as it helps in acquiring more knowledge on a wide spectrum of subjects. History, Geography, Science and Technology, Economy and Finance, Constitution and Political Science are the other topics covered in the book, which are explained with a simple language.


(5) Cracking The Job Interview

Cracking the Job Interviews is designed to demystify the myth associated with Job Interview process and delivers an innovative and refreshing approach to develop the required skills and aptitude to face your next interview successfully.  The Book shall help you getting an exhaustive insight of the desirability from a candidate and thus helps bridging the gap between the expectations of an Interviewer and the readiness of a prospective candidate.

It is always better to know in advance what is needed to succeed at interviews, as it goes one important step further and demonstrates how you can prepare your own answers including exercises designed to improve your skills. People who consistently succeed at interviews are those who take the time to prepare their own answers rather than simply using answers they have read or heard elsewhere.

The skills and techniques you develop from reading this book shall remain with you for the rest of your working life. They will immeasurably improve your chances of winning those hard-to-get jobs and contribute to a rewarding career.

This Book is compiled by a Management Graduate and a Senior Banker with over 26 years of rich working experience in Indian Banking Industry. The Book coverage is comprehensive and the subject is dealt in a lucid manner.

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