A Dictionary of Sociology

A Dictionary of Sociology

A Dictionary of Sociology

Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology has been compiled by sociology experts, namely Gordon Marshall and John Scott, and presents an encyclopaedic...

  • ISBN: 9780199533008
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  • Author John Scott, Gordon Marshall
  • Publisher Oxford University Press
  • Binding Paperback
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Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology has been compiled by sociology experts, namely Gordon Marshall and John Scott, and presents an encyclopaedic range of terms covering all aspects of sociology, along with important concepts from related disciplines including, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, political science, and economics.

Considered a one-of-a-kind authoritative, informative, and wide ranging reference text on sociology, this book is an exhaustive dictionary of sociology, containing more than 2500 entries, with explanations of every sociological term and concept, in a brief and precise manner, detailed when necessary, covering concepts from A-Z including, adaptation, and zero tolerance, making it an ideal introductory tool in sociology.

This third edition boasts of content that has been completely revised and updated to bring the dictionary up to speed, offering information that is even more relevant and useful than earlier. It introduces new tools of learning by way of recommending entry-level web links, that can be accessed by logging on to the Dictionary of Sociology companion webpage supporting the book version.

Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology offers a wide coverage of internationally relevant concepts, terms, and methods, and cross-cultural reference work, including biographical entries pertaining to key figures such as, Erich Fromm, and Gilles Deleuze. The book contains feature entries covering major topics that are relevant today, from mass media, to medicine, and sociology of law.

Hailed a best-seller, Oxford Dictionary Of Sociology is free from jargon, detailed analysis, clarity, and numerous examples taken from real-life, simplifying some of the most complex sociological concepts. All these features make it an invaluable and key reference text for advanced level students, professionals, and teachers, working in sociology and similar fields.

About The Authors

John Scott is a renowned sociologist from Britain, and currently works at University of Plymouth, UK.

His works include, Sociological Theory, Corporations, Classes, and Capitalism, Power, Social Theory: Central Issues in Sociology, and Who Rules Britain?.

Born in London, in 1949, he graduated from the London School Of Economics, and embarked on a successful teaching career, working at several universities including, University of Leicester, University of Essex, and University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and former President of the British Sociological Association, he has authored several books on sociology, and serves as the board member for many journals.

Gordon Marshall is a prominent sociologist serving as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Reading.

His books include, Against the Odds?, and A Dictionary of Sociology. He writes primarily in the areas of justice of distribution and social class.

An official fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford University, his previous positions held include, Chief Executive of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Professor of Sociology at the University of Bath, teaching faculty at London School of Economics,. Recipient of a Senior Research Fellowship from the British Academy, he received a CBE award in 2003, for his contributions in social science and economics.

Author John Scott, Gordon Marshall
ISBN 9780199533008
Langauage English
Pages 816
Publisher Oxford University Press
Binding Paperback

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